Hi. My name is Prateek Sahay.

I'm deeply passionate about robotics and entrepreneurship. Currently, I'm working as a Product Manager on self-driving cars at Waymo. Before that, I was at UC Berkeley earning dual MBA/MEng degrees. And before that, I was at Uber ATG writing software for self-driving cars. And even before that, I was at Sikorsky Aircraft designing software for autonomous helicopters for the DARPA ALIAS program. Prior to that, I was at Worcester Polytechnic Institute earning dual Bachelor's degrees in Robotics and Mechanical Engineering.

Outside of work, I enjoy giving back to the community through volunteer work; I've mentored a FIRST Robotics team, volunteered at the Museum of Science in Boston, and done some graphic design work for Essence of India, an annual celebration of classical Indian culture and heritage in my hometown.

In my free time I practice photography, woodworking, and badminton. I've always thrived at the intersection of rigorous engineering and creative arts, so I'm especially drawn to environments where I can continue learning both.

About the Website

I designed the theme for this website on my own and coded it up using Twitter Bootstrap and Jekyll. It was my first foray into HTML/CSS in 2011, and it's been a lot of fun. Thanks to the powers of Bootstrap, this website is fully optimized for your mobile display as well. Enjoy!

Last updated: July 14, 2022