Hi. My name is Prateek Sahay.

I'm a robotics engineer working on self-driving cars at Uber, and I've always been passionate about robotics engineering. Previously, I was at Sikorsky Aircraft for 4 years working on autonomous aircraft on a DARPA project called ALIAS. Prior to that, I was at Worcester Polytechnic Institute earning dual Bachelor's degrees in Robotics and Mechanical Engineering.

In my free time, I practice web design, electronics, programming, and some woodworking. I've always held a strong belief in the importance of mixing engineering sciences with vibrant arts. I consider myself a lifelong student and I'm attracted to environments where I learn continuously.

I also enjoy giving back to the community through volunteer work; I've performed magic shows, volunteered at the Museum of Science in Boston, and done graphic design work for Essence of India, an annual celebration of classical Indian culture and heritage in my hometown. Most recently, I've been mentoring a high school robotics team in Pittsburgh called SHARP Team 3260. I've been enjoying giving back my knowledge of robotics to the community and inspiring the next generation of engineers.

My interests are ever-expanding—I enjoy reading, traveling, building, photographing, driving, building sound systems, playing table tennis, and having chill sessions with friends. I'm also a fan of usability and UI/UX design.

About the Website

I designed this website on my own and coded it on top of Twitter's Bootstrap templates and the Jekyll framework. It was my first foray into HTML and CSS, and it's been a lot of fun. Thanks to the powers of Bootstrap, this website is fully optimized for your mobile display, as well. Enjoy!

Last updated: August 7, 2020